Innovation Spotlight - Candy Cap Mushrooms

Unlike the adaptogenic mushrooms reishi and chaga that are often incorporated into chocolate and chai mixes, others like the candy cap do not need to hide their distinct and exotic flavor.

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Lactarius fragilis, commonly known as the candy cap or maple mushroom, is an intriguing species of fungus that has gained popularity in recent years due to is unexpectedly sweet aroma and distinct flavor. Candy cap mushrooms are native to North America and can be found in the Pacific Northwest, particularly in Oregon and California. When dried, these mushrooms have a rich and intense maple syrup-like taste, making them a popular ingredient in desserts and baked goods.

The Candy Cap is a popular species of mushroom on TikTok’s foraging community #foragetok for its relative ease to discover and plethora of uses. The community boasts recipes for all ages from to aromatic bitters to an old fashioned from mushroom caramels to share with kids.

Fans of the fungus include the β€œNinjas of the Far East… of Montana” at MEADOWLARK BREWING who brew their Fungus Shui Mushroom Ale. A medium-bodied ale brewed with local honey and candy cap mushrooms, the brewmasters are β€œnot sure if this beer has any ancient healing effects, but it likely tastes delicious with a bowl of vanilla ice cream.”

TikTok’s @orsiyaanna makes candy cap mushroom caramels:

Fungus Shui Mushroom Ale by Meadowlark Brewing:

Guide to Candy Caps by Mushroom Appreciation:


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