Innovation Spotlight - Fall Flavors Ranked on TikTok

As the leaves change, so do the trending Food and Beverage hashtags on social media. Based on the highest number of generated content in the last week, users across all age groups are fully embracing everything pumpkin as well as soups and coffee ideas. While people switch up routines as the days get colder, it is particularly humorous to see #coffe also trending with significant viewership as well as the actual posts using the misspelled hashtag. There is a chance some of the more popular Tiktok posts on coffee use both spellings in their collection of hashtags to capture wider viewership, however that theory does not rescue the honorable mention #covfefe potentially well past its prime.

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As we stand in the middle of the season before the Holidays begin, there are other entries in the top ten as well as honorable mentions that show sustaining trends along with what could be next over the horizon. #christmascountdown comes immediately after the three pumpkin themed hashtags with a strong 5th place with 40 million views. However, the often flagship winter beverage #peppermintmocha have yet to cross the minds of users still enjoying their pumpkin spice lattes. #chamoypickle is also a welcome sight just missing the top ten, as the flavors endure after both chamoy and pickles had strong summer presence through mangonadas and pickle-in-a-blanket trends respectively.

#wingstop is the first and only brand as well as savory item to show up on the weekly top ten. Alluding to their continued success with the chicken sandwich that debuted earlier this year, the new featured meal deal with smothered cajun fries and chicken wings, tenders, or a sandwich is bound to be the latest craze on asmr and mukbang posts. “Wingstop’s Cajun Meal Deal combines everything you crave,” says Wingstop’s Chief Growth Officer, Anne Fischer. “Our latest menu innovation delivers that cooked-to-order, indulgent Wingstop occasion that fans hunger for, all at a great value.”

Get the most out of pumpkin season with the latest trending recipes:

Grab yourself one of Wingstop’s latest Cajun Meal Deal trending now:

Take an In-Depth look at mukbangs and the trending social media phenomenon of “eating shows”:,understand%20Korean%20culture%20and%20values.

See the latter half of the Fall Foliage Map to see where in the nation the leaves have yet to change:

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Jamie Larson